For the existence of life few things are important for us in which one is faith. What is faith ?

For me the faith is strength. Strength of trust. Trust on god, the creator who made us, made this entire world. Faith on god is divine and superior, gives us tremendous strength and energy to fight with all negativity around us. Faith energies our soul increase the connectivity of belief on god. Faith is  something one believe in, it strengthens the relationships and holds the capacity to fight with the challenges of life.

2 Thoughts on “Faith

  1. Very true…*Faith* is a very bulky word, a driving force that carries multitude of human feelings.
    It tends towards infinity. I do believe, a person who believes in faith tends to explore great positive heights in his/her life…it not only brings discipline but also develops a high class character.
    It does not matter what definition one gives to faith, and what religion one follows…what matters more is being honest towards the *self* and having respect for *truth* irrespective of where one finds it.

    One derives wealth of knowledge & at the same time one advances towards wisdom when s/he opens his/her heart and lends an ear to the teachings by people from different faiths…

    With Respect,


  2. Gagandeep kaur on May 17, 2013 at 5:01 am said:

    completely true….:)

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